Gad + Kirsten | Rockford, Illinois Wedding Photographer

Kirsten and I have been friends since third grade. In fact, we met in a very interesting way; running in intersecting paths across the playground at recess and ultimately slamming into each other, face first, destroying her pink glasses and leaving bruises where my new “invisible glasses” then graced my face. It was a painful beginning…haha! But years later we were still friends, having bonfires at her parents house and going to homecoming together. Needless to say, Kirsten has been a very important friend in my life, and I love her dearly. When we talked about me shooting her wedding (I shot her brothers wedding in 2013…remember Leif and Christine?!) I was nothing short of ecstatic.

Kirsten looked absolutely stunning on her big day, as you will see…and her man, Gad, looked pretty studly as well. She wore earrings that her mother wore for her wedding, which I found to be such a lovely gesture. And her blush colored dress: RAVISHING! Attention ladies…wedding dress trend alert! Subtle hints of color instead of all white for weddings gowns is unbelievably gorgeous!

She said her “I Do”‘s as her twin sister, Grace, looked on. Photographer confession: I was bawling my eyes out behind the camera…and her pinterest perfect color scheme and decor was spot on and screamed “Kirsten” to the T; no detail overlooked, no accent forgotten.

The reception was held at Kilbuck Creek Retreat in Monroe Center, IL. Remember those bonfires at Kirsten’s parent’s house? Well, that just so happens to be Kilbuck Creek Retreat! Her family downsized and turned the Tennessee log cabin style house into a wedding venue retreat, making this location the perfect spot for Kirsten’s reception. Could this day get any more sentimental?! As the festivities raged on and dinner was served, the first dances followed and Kirsten had a little something planned for her and Gad’s first dance. Since Gad’s family had traveled all the way from Honduras for the wedding, Kirsten wanted to invite the whole reception to join them in their first dance so that Gad’s family could be a part of their first dance as well. Absolutely adorable. Take a look below and enjoy the photos…Gad + Kirsten, thank you so very much for making me a part of your special day…I wish you all the best in life and a happy, beautiful marriage filled with joy and laughter.

Love, Sara

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