The idea is not to live forever,
It is to create something that will.
-Andy Warhol

I'm Sara Johnson, a free-spirited, travel seeking, Birkenstock wearing Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer serving Rockford, IL and beyond! I'm also addicted to Mid Century Modern design and am a strong believer in creating something bigger than myself. 
Take a look around! I'm glad you're here!


I'm so glad you're here! I'm Sara, a Birkenstock wearing free-spirited photographer who has a Bachelor's in Fine Arts - Photography and a passion for thrifting Mid Century Modern treasures! Nine years ago, I photographed my first wedding and I've been an "honorary bridesmaid with a camera" ever since. At the end of the day, after the cake is gone and the flowers have wilted, your memories with your loved ones  are all that remain... Preserving those memories for generations to come is an honor... I couldn't see myself doing anything else. 

I love photographing weddings with a candid/free-posed style, ensuring that your personalities will both shine through and that you will love your images. There's nothing better than capturing that scrunched nose laugh or the moment just before a kiss! 

Contact me to chat about your love story (or high school senior session!)... I can't wait to meet you! 

hey friends!

Weddings are a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience. They're meant to be blessed, cherished, and filled with well-wishes from the ones you love most. When discovering myself as a photographer, I decided that I wanted to be "the type of photographer that I would want to have if I were getting married." So, what's important to me? Laughter, not stress... relaxed, yet organized planning... time to enjoy "your" day... and most of all, 'real' images that reflect my couples' personalities. This is exactly what I give to my clients, who often become and remain friends after working with me. I specialize in modern, romantic images that tell your story without feeling staged... unscripted.



First off, let me just say that I don't believe in 'clients'; I believe in having 'friends'. I believe in building relationships through trust and creating memories that last a lifetime. I believe in finding the person who completes you in a way that you never thought was possible...and never letting go. I believe that each love story deserves to be told. I believe in being true to yourself and standing for what you believe in. I believe in chasing your dreams until you catch them, and then chasing some more. But most of all, I believe in creating timeless memories that capture souls over smiles and bring tears to your eyes. Photographs are meant to be shared for generations to come. That's why I believe that I have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world! To be able to capture a moment in time and give it eternal life is so powerful. I am so honored to be a photographer, a curator of moments, and be able to give you the most precious gift in life: a memory. 



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Wedding Photography is such a priceless gift to pass down for generations to come... after the flowers have died, and the cake has been eaten, what's left to show for your amazing memories? Your wedding photos. 

The Wedding Experience is an all-inclusive package that is filled with all of the goodies that you want without the hassle of being stuck with items that you don't. It's a timeless, enduring record of your beginning -- the foundation of your memories for years to come -- that you can look back on as you build your life together, all photographed in a simply modern aesthetic with candid, real moments captured with artistic flare that you can relive again and again.

The Wedding Experience starts at $3,850... for more information or just to say "hello", contact me + ask for the SJ Bride Pricing Guide! I can't wait to meet you!

Thinking of Eloping?! MESSAGE ME, I'd love to chat with you!  


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I love my SJ SENIORS! Senior photography has come so far in just a few years (fun fact: my mom actually took my Senior Photos with her Olympus point-and-shoot camera!)... I will never forget how much fun we had taking those images. It's no secret that I love memories, but there's just something so special about capturing the end of High School with authentic, playful images that make my Seniors feel proud of who they are! If you can't wait to hang out with me and my camera and have way too many laughs, contact me to book your Senior Experience! 



Tiereny Craker

Words can't describe how beautiful her art is! When you get all the feels from looking at photos it feels as if each moment she captures comes back to life. Her personality is so fun, her vibes she sets during shooting is so welcoming and rich!


Abbie Dempsey

Sara is unbelievably wonderful to work with. Not only is she an absolute doll, but she has such a wonderful way of communicating with her clients. She makes getting your photo taken fun, not awkward. She gives great directions, advice, and insures you get your best looking shot before moving on to a next one. Not only would I consider Sara exceptionally professional but also so easy to work with. She's the best, no seriously she really is. The proof is in her work!

Callie Hauser

Sara's photography is absolutely breathtaking. It is remarkable and she is such a joy to work with. She has the personality to make anyones big day better with a smile. I would highly recommend her for your big day as she knows what she is doing. You will not be disappointed more so ecstatic and very impatient to get your photos back!

Deisy Solis - Maurer

6 months later and I am still so obsessed with my pictures. You are so awesome, I am so in love with everything you shoot. I am eternally grateful for your talent and ability to capture all the emotion I felt in my heart that day. It is so awesome to go through my album and feel everything I did on my wedding day all over again. I fall in love with my photos every time I view them. You’re the best.

Megan Smith

I can not thank Sara enough for doing such an incredible job with my wedding photos! Not only did she get AMAZING pictures ... she was also great with making us all feel super comfortable. Sara is very reasonably priced for everything she does, hiring her was by far the best investment of my wedding and I'm so thankful I have these photos to look back on for the rest of my life! Thank you, Sara.









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