Emily + Aaron | Rockford, Illinois Engagement Session


Emily + Aaron

Let me just start by saying that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Emily for a few years now… she’s one of my amazing bank tellers and I see her almost every week! We have chatted about my business and everything photo related every single time that I drive through her line and I can tell that she truly cares about my photography and everything that goes along with it! She is an avid listener of the Living For It podcast and is always there to cheer me on in my business… she when she asked me to photograph her wedding I knew we would have a blast. There’s something so special about working with people who love what you do, so thank you Emily! I appreciate you!

When Emily + Aaron met with me for coffee and wedding chit-chat, Aaron was SO ready to tell me how excited he was for me to be their photographer! THAT NEVER HAPPENS from a groom! I was elated to hear how involved Aaron was with the wedding and how excited he was to be working with me… Emily has shared her love for my photos with Aaron and together, the two were so jazzed for their engagement session, I knew we were in for an awesome session. Oh, and Aaron loves Emily to the moon and back and it shows in these photos… trust me. It’s adorable.

Trust is key, my friend, and when you fully trust your wedding vendors, magic happens! (Just a little friendly food for thought, you future SJ Brides out there!) And the fact that Emily + Aaron trust me so much proves for an engagement session like the one that you’re about to see!

Anderson Japanese Gardens opened their doors for the first time in forever to photographers for this October fall season and it did not disappoint! I tried to have as many sessions there as I could since the gardens are absolutely breathtaking and I didn’t want to miss out on this awesome opportunity, so Emily + Aaron were instantly on board with the idea of Anderson Gardens as their engagement session location, and I am SO thrilled with how they turned out… enjoy!

Emily + Aaron, I’m so excited for your engagement and I can’t wait to be there by your side on your wedding day!

Love, Sara