Guys, I am O B S E S S E D with Pensacola. I can’t even tell you how much I love this place. It’s my happy place, my worry-free zone, my home away from home. Have you ever been somewhere else and felt that overwhelming feeling of “home-ness”? That’s what Pensacola is for me and I can’t wait to show you all of it’s beauty.

So, where do I begin?! Ahh!! Okay, so Pensacola is the First Settlement in the US… settled in the 1550’s! But Pensacola has a crazy history of being “settled and forgotten”. Pensacola was re-settled almost a hundred years later… and then taken out by a hurricane! (I know, right?!) When later, Pensacola was settled for the last time as a base for protection with Fort Pickens.

Today, Fort Pickens is open for tourists to hang out and enjoy the sad beauty of the past… touring through the passageways of forgotten years brings back so many visions of what life was. You can even see the paths where the cannons swung back and forth to shoot through the window openings (You’ll see that when you scroll to the second photo). Pensacola is home to the world famous Blue Angels, a Navy and Marine flight demonstration team of some of the most talented trick pilots in the world, and chances are that you will see them perform in the blue skies of summer!

One of my favorite things about Pensacola is it’s charming downtown, the Seville Quarter, reminiscent of the French Quarter in New Orleans… the history in these building is just awe-inspiring… I could literally walk around downtown for hours! Pensacola is known for having the World’s Whitest Beaches, with sand so white that it’s not even hot to walk on, and water so clear that it is actually emerald, which lends to Pensacola’s other nickname of being situated on the Emerald Coast. SO yes, the water is SUPPOSED to be green AND blue! (Oh, and don’t ya just love that vintage swordfish neon sign greeting people as they drive to the beach?!)

Oh, and everywhere I go I just love when I see an old VW bus because they’re some of my favorite things (Oprah: You get a VW Bus, YOU get a VW BUS, AND YOU GET A VW BUS!) so naturally I HAVE to take a photo with every bus that I can. 😉 

After making this blog post, no lie, I am so ready for the beach again… anyone else?! 

Love, Sara