Madi + Drew | Rockford, Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer

Sooooo this is going to be a little longer post than usual! I PHOTOGRAPHED TWINS! (high school senior twins, that is!) Madi + Drew are seniors at Byron High School, (you might remember Whitney’s senior photos…that’s their older sister!) and let me tell you…these two are pretty fabulous. Not only are they fashionably inclined, they’re also extremely photogenic. Madi: a fashion model in the making! Wait until you see her very last photo in this post…to. die. for. Chill, relaxed, and super light spirited, these two made a double senior session awesome! Side note: I feel like Drew’s photos could be ads for clothing companies…check out his killer Nike’s and awesome street swagger as the shoot goes on.

Madi + Drew, I wish you both the best of luck with your adventures after high school…congratulations and thanks so much for being awesome!

Love, Sara

IMG_5284_edit_PRINT IMG_5008_edit_PRINT IMG_5287_edit_PRINT IMG_5036_edit_PRINT IMG_5317_edit_PRINT IMG_5216_edit_PRINT IMG_5201_edit_PRINT IMG_5564_edit_PRINT IMG_5403_edit_PRINT IMG_5452_edit_PRINT IMG_5041_edit_PRINT IMG_5051_edit_PRINT IMG_5061_edit_PRINT IMG_5209_edit_PRINT IMG_5321_edit_PRINT IMG_5473_edit_PRINT IMG_5586_edit_PRINT IMG_5637_edit_PRINT IMG_5136_edit_PRINT IMG_5027_edit_PRINT IMG_5531_edit_PRINT IMG_5550_edit_PRINT IMG_5168_edit_PRINT IMG_5139_edit_PRINT IMG_5570_edit_PRINT IMG_5248_edit_PRINT IMG_5613_edit_PRINT IMG_5247_edit_PRINT IMG_5420_edit_PRINT IMG_5117_edit_PRINT IMG_5199_edit_PRINT

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