Samira | Rockford, Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer

Samira has a charm about her that is truly captivating. She’s always smiling and joking around. There was literally never a dull moment during her shoot. She’s a riot! Her sense of humor and laidback style really shine through in her images…AND we can not forget about her love for Target and Starbucks (scroll down to see a “little latte”)! Samira, don’t loose your shine girl…keep on glistening! You rock!

Love, Sara

IMG_3241_edit_PRINT IMG_3057_edit_PRINT IMG_3266_edit_PRINT IMG_2890_edit_PRINT IMG_3185_edit_PRINT IMG_3160_edit_PRINT IMG_2992_edit_PRINT IMG_3262_edit_PRINT IMG_3171_edit_PRINT IMG_2987_edit_PRINT IMG_3073_edit_PRINT

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