Jacqui | Rockford, Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer

Does this gorgeous girl remind you of someone? Maybe…a past bride named Deisy (who’s wedding was featured on Refinery29 because she’s THAT cool!)…ring a bell? Well if so, behold her stunningly rad sister, Jacqui! These two lovely ladies are two of my favorite people in the whole world. Deisy has been there for me (and my photo business) since very early on, and she has continued to be one of my top supporters and most loyal clients-turned-friend! So when Jacqui said she wanted me to photograph her senior portraits, there was absolutely no hesitation at all…YES, YES, YES! Jacqui, wanting fall color, and Deisy, who accompanied us on the shoot, both decided that the best place to capture these memories would be the park where Deisy’s wedding was held. So, with great sentimental value, we reminisced about the wedding and how cool it was that today was her sister’s day to be photographed in the same spot. After her lovely nature session, we headed to downtown Genoa, IL for some dusky photos with some urban backdrops. They. Turned. Out. Fabulous. AGAIN, another senior who just can’t take a bad photo; Jacqui you are a drop-dead stunner. If Urban Outfitters calls and asks you to model your gorgeousness, I only ask one thing…pick me, pick me!! 😉 Thank you so much for being so incredibly awesome and, Jacqui, I wish you the complete best in everything you do and congratulations on closing this chapter of your life…best wishes in the future! Love ya!

Love, Sara

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