Kristin + Tyler | Rockford, Illinois Senior Portrait Photographer

BOOM! Double session time! Kristin + Tyler were fabulous to work with however, our weather on the day of the shoot, questionable. But hey, you can’t even tell from the photos that we had a nasty chance of rain that day! AND THAT’S the kind of magic that I love to create. 🙂 These two wanted their fall shoot to have an urban edge (which I am SUCH an advocate of…love me some nitty gritty city!)…so we explored downtown Rockford and found some amazing backdrops…some you may have seen from me before and some that are completely new! These two kept it together the entire time and never lost their awesome demeanor, which makes my job that much more enjoyable. It was a pleasure getting creative with you, Kristin + Tyler…thank you so much for letting me capture your senior photographs. I wish you both the most amazing ends to your high school careers and awesome memories ahead!

Love, Sara

IMG_1840_edit_PRINT IMG_1888_edit_PRINT IMG_1919_edit_PRINT IMG_2184_edit_PRINT IMG_1825_edit_PRINT IMG_1822_edit_PRINT IMG_2139_edit_PRINT IMG_2042_edit_PRINT IMG_2266_edit_PRINT IMG_2078_edit_PRINT IMG_1850_edit_PRINT IMG_2023_edit_PRINT IMG_2057_edit_PRINT IMG_2107_edit_PRINT IMG_2150_edit_PRINT IMG_1881_edit_PRINT IMG_2070_edit_PRINT IMG_2063_edit_PRINT IMG_2232_edit_PRINT IMG_2189_edit_PRINT IMG_2225_edit_PRINT

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