Pat + Delaney | Rockford, Illinois Wedding Photographer

Pat + Delaney have been one of my favorite couples since day one. They’re sweet puppy love, Mira, was part of their engagement shoot last year at an abandoned farm…if you forgot about that shoot go check it out, we had a blast!!

These two were (as of this post, Delaney JUST gave birth to Baby Asher yesterday!) expecting their first child and wanted to have a mini wedding before he came along. (Look for their larger wedding in November!) Delaney was absolutely GLOWING on her wedding day…she was just stunning. And the way that Pat looked at her; priceless. I ADORE the photo of him smiling at her baby bump during the ceremony! Too cute!

So IN HONOR of Baby Asher being born yesterday, I’m posting their lovely little mini wedding on the blog today! Congratulations, Pat + Delaney!!!!! Can’t wait for your second wedding in November AND I can’t wait to meet Baby Asher!! Congrats you two, much love!

Love, Sara

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