Dave + Jen | Rockford, Illinois Wedding Photographer

There’s nothing like a 4th of July wedding! Dave + Jen’s wedding literally went off with a BANG! I shot their engagement photos in the winter…we wanted to try something a little interesting, so Dave bought a bunch of fireworks (legally, of course…) and we ventured out into the prairie at Kilbuck Creek Resort, the wedding venue where the summer ceremony would be held, and lit the place up! It took a few attempts and just the right angle to make it all work, but the payoff was terrific! Once the winter snow had melted and the spring air started to move in, we began prep for the 4th Wedding!

Let me start out by saying that Dave + Jen have an amazing sense of humor, which you will see in the photos. I loved how they were able to have a good time during their ceremony and laugh at each other’s cute jokes…beware, adorableness is in store if you start to scroll…

After the ceremony, the fun really began with this fiery wedding! I have never EVER seen a cake like this one! Sparks literally flew! We had a blast shooting your wedding, Mr. + Mrs. Kamm! Thank you so very much for asking me to be a part of your wedding! Oh, and by the way, we know you two will never lose your spark! 😉

Love, Sara

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