Sara + Trevor | Rockford, Illinois Engagement Photographer

A few weeks ago, Sara and Trevor invited me out to the family farm where Trevor’s father lives, to take their engagement photos. The day was perfect. Not too hot, and not too sunny. My favorite four-legged subject was there as well, Pickles! It didn’t take him long to jump in the stream and completely soak himself…just like Sara and Trevor had anticipated would happen…so we knocked the “Pickles Pictures” out of the way first! We had a blast, and the photos below are the outcome! Enjoy!

Love, Sara

IMG_1853_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1856_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1872_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1878_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1884_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1898_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1917_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1923_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1928_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1930_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1933_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1944_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1958_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1963_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1968_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1982_edit_PRINT_ IMG_1995_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2012_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2021_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2027_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2028_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2029_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2035_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2045_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2079_edit_PRINT_ IMG_2080_edit_PRINT_

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